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Dennis A. Benfield has been a multi-licensed associate agent of Nationwide Insurance and a brokering agent for a variety of small business coverages since 2001. Although various disabilities has made him mostly inactive now, he can still be reached at two office locations: (1) Nationwide agent Jeff Kincaid’s office at 16 1st Ave. NE, Hickory, NC, (below Hickory City Hall downtown) and (2) the Benfield home, between Granite Falls and Hudson, NC.

Dennis has helped many customers with auto, homeowner’s, life and other personal lines of insurance through Nationwide, one of the country’s major insurance carriers and THE top property and liability company in North Carolina with approximately one-third of all P&L policies written. His promise has been: “If we can’t save you money, or improve your coverages, or both, I won’t even ask you to do business with us.”

The lines Dennis has written most are personal and business life insurance and all types of small business coverages—general commercial liability, workers’ compensation, business property, including buildings and automobiles, etc.

In the late 1990s, Dennis was assistant fleet manager for a Ford dealership in Hickory, where he sold cars, pickups, vans, SUVs and heavy-duty trucks to a wide variety of small-business people: carpenters, plumbers, electricians, carpet layers, painters, even horse transporters. When he retired from the Ford store because of bad knees, Dennis began covering many of the same “Mom and Pop” small businesses with the insurance coverages they needed. His clients have included families in businesses as diverse as farm equipment sales and services, a restaurant, used car sales, accounting, antique clock repair and swimming pool contracting.

On rare occasions when Nationwide underwriters determine a potential customer’s business is outside the company’s target market, Dennis and Jeff have a number of top-quality insurance “brokers” they call on to get their clients the right services with first-rate insurers at competitive prices.

The best thing about having Dennis as your insurance agent is his accessibility. Even though “semi-retired,” he’s always available. The only number you'll ever need is 828-396-5453.